June 7, 2014 Vatican City - Pope Francis met today with members of the Italian Amputee Soccer Team. The team demonstrated the sport for the Pope as part of an event which turned St. Peter's Square into a spots arena for a number of sports including ballet and karate.

The event focused on Italian youth and the place of sports in the church. The Popeís remarks focused on how sports, including amputee soccer, can bring about good in the lives of young people.

The following articles on amputee soccer and amputee athletes have been gathered from both U.S. and international sources.


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Brazil - Twice Amputee Soccer World Champions

Robert Goal
Robert Spotswood

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NJ Small
ampsoccer.com   ALL SEASONS The Greatest One-Legged Game in the World !!
ampsoccer.com   ALL SEASONS More Nations Playing Amputee Football


La Libertad.com
  19 July
Worldamputeefootball.com   June Adolfo Castro Named New El Salvador Leader
  June Japanese National Championships Scheduled
England - Ireland   June England - Ireland Plan Double Friendly
Ampsoccer.org   June US National Team Prospects "Looking Good"
Poland - Ukraine   May Poland - Ukraine Friendly Set for June 21
Worldamputeefootball.com   May USA's Calabria in World Cup TV commercial
Ampsoccer.org   May Lamberg & Madrano to Coach US National Team
Worldamputeefootball.com   April Ghana's Viwotor Named
WAFF Media Relations Deputy
AllAfrica.com   April President Sirleaf Clears Liberian 'Lone Star' Team for Russian Tournament
Worldamputeefootball.com   March Inje Hondebrink Wins with Amp Football Photo
Ampsoccer.org   March San Antonio Tryouts Set
Ampsoccer.org   January Dr. Eric Lamberg Named to US Board of Directors


Worldamputeefootball.com   December Mexico Launches World Cup Awareness Campaign
Worldamputeefootball.com   December Mexico Reveals World Cup Logo an Mascot
Worldamputeefootball.com   December Kenyan Leaders Held Hostage in Nairobi Hotel
Worldamputeefootball.com   December Liberia Wins Third African Cup Title
Ampsoccer.org   November Hofmann-Westover Trade Places in US Leadership
Worldamputeefootball.com   October Lions over Grenadiers in Haiti's 4th Annual Amputee Football Tournament
Worldamputeefootball.com   September England Wins 2nd Amp Futbol Cup in Warsaw
Worldamputeefootball.com   September Brazil Wins 2nd Copa America 2-0 Over Northern Mexico
Worldamputeefootball.com   August England Wins First Paddy Power Cup
Ampsoccer.org   June US Soccer Federation Makes
American Amp Soccer a Full Member
Ampsoccer.org   June New Teams Forming on Long Island, New York
Ampsoccer.org   March AmpSoccer at the Oscars
Ampsoccer.org   February AmpSoccer Wins "Loopy For Life" Award


Worldamputeefootball.com   October Uzbekistan 1-0 Over Russia for World Cup Gold
Worldamputeefootball.com   October WAFF World Congress Names New Officers
ampsoccer.com   September Calabria Goal Goes Viral
ampsoccer.com   September USSF Grants Amp Soccer Provisional Membership
ampsoccer.com   12 August Team USA Completes Whirlwind Tour
IMS Soccer   21 July Catching Up With the US National Amputee Soccer Team
ampsoccer.com   6 July Team USA Launches Whirlwind Tour
ampsoccer.com   15 April USA 2 - Mexico 1 in the Battle of the Border
ampsoccer.com   30 March Team USA V. Team Mexico Battle of the Border Set
WMBF TV News, Myrtle Beach, NC   January Grand Strand Netminder keeps goals at the forefront


ampsoccer.com October US National Amp Soccer Team & Haitian Team Zaryen Join to Support US Vets


ampsoccer.com 24 Oct. Uzbekistan Repeats! Wins 2nd Amp Football World Cup
ampsoccer.com 23 Oct. It's Uzbekistan v Argentina in WAFF for World Cup Gold
ampsoccer.com 16 Oct. WAFF Congress Welcomes Japan, Haiti, Algeria as New Members
ampsoccer.com 16 Oct. 2010 World Cup Underway
worldamputeefootball.com 6 Oct. World Cup Fixtures Set - 2 First-Timers in the Mix
ampsoccer.com 1 Aug. Founder Don Bennett Returns to Amp Soccer
ampsoccer.com 1 Sept. Ed Rosenthal to Lead Amp Soccer in the US Pacific Northwest
ampsoccer.com 2 Feb. USA's Hofmann Named WAFF Secretary General
ampsoccer.com 1 Jan. Sierra Leone Amputee Soccer Star Forming Teams in Texas


ampsoccer.com 28 Nov. Brasil Wins Brotherhood Cup Gold Medal in
4-3 Shootout Win Over Argentina
ampsoccer.com  1 Oct 2009 2009 World Cup Cancelled
Argentina Bids for 2010
ampsoccer.com  1 Oct 2009 WAFF Officers Named
ampsoccer.com  15 July 2009 AFFA's Robert Karloh Passes
ampsoccer.com 19 Jan 2009 Brazil to Host Amputee Football World Cup in September 2009
ampsoccer.com 19 Jan 2009 WAFF President Yazicioglu. & Sec. Gen. Williams Quit
ampsoccer.com 19 Jan 2009 England Renegs on World Cup Promise


World Cup, November 2007 - Antalya, Turkey

Turkish Daily News 20 Nov. 2007 Turkish amputee football team loses in semifinal
BBC 16 Nov. 2007 Amputees in Turkey for World Cup
Turkish Daily News 15 Nov. 2007 Amputee players winning on and off the pitch
UNIOSIL 9 Nov. 2007 UN fetes Turkey-bound single leg amputee football team
FIFA 23 Oct. 2007 Liberian Amputee Football - Photos
The FA 21 Aug. 2007 England Beats Ukraine, Wins Bronze
LiberianSoccer.com January 2007 Barbara Ogunti the "Amputees Mother' Assumes Leadership of Liberian Amputee Football
February 2007
First All-Africa Amputee Football Tournament, Freetown, Sierra Leone
FIFA 22 Feb. 2007 Amputee footballers wow Freetown
bloggernews.net 9 Feb. 2007 All-African Amputee Football Championship kicks off in Freetown
BBC 9 Feb. 2007 African amputees' cup kicks off


NJ.com November 2004 Soccer Star Runs NYC Marathon On Crutches
ampsoccer.com November 2003 Irate Delegates Disband IAFF
New Governing Body Forming
ampsoccer.com August 2003 Philly Wins First US 4 X 4
ampsoccer.com June 2003 ISOD Endorses US 4 x 4 Tourney
ampsoccer.com May 2003 US Adopts 4 x 4 Format

2002 World Cup - Sochi, Russia

abda.org.br October 2002 Russia Ends Brazil's World Championship Streak
England Amputee Football October 2002 England's World Cup Tournament Report

2001 World Championship - Rio de Janeiro

ampsoccer.com Nov. 2001 Commentary: - Stolen Valor
Questionable Officiating Ruins brazil's Win
ampsoccer.com Nov. 2001 Brazil Wins Third Straight World Championship
Ref Stops Match With Time Remaining
ampsoccer.com Nov. 2001 Match Scores - World Cup 2001
ampsoccer.com June 2001 '01 World Championships Set For Rio

2000 World Cup - Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle Times Nov. 19, 2000 Amputee soccer: Brazil beats Russia 2-1
Seattle Times
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Nov. 14, 2000 Amputee soccer: a pungent mix of
pride and passion

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle Times Nov. 14, 2000 Amputee with cancer takes
new position on soccer team
Seattle Times Nov. 12, 2000 Amputee athletes gather here for World Cup
Seattle Times

1999 - America's Remarkable Rookie

Birmingham News Sept. 15, 1999 Back in the game he loves
activeamp.org October 1999 Activeamp.org Amputee of the Month

1st European Championships - Kiev Ukraine
August, 1999

Kiev News 10 Aug. 1999
Kiev News 9 Aug. 1999
Kiev News August 6, 1999 Kiev News Aug. 6, 1999
Kiev News 3 Aug, 1999
Kiev News July 28, 1999 Kiev July 28


ampsoccer.com June 20, 1999 Amp Team Makes History in 3-Vs-3 Challenge
ampsoccer.com June 18, 1999 Amp Team to Challenge Two-Leggeds
in Philadelphia Shootout
Wilmington News-Journal, DE Jan. 10, 1999 Players prove you donít need 2 legs
to get a kick out of life


ampsoccer.com Dec. 8, 1998 7 Nation Congress Forms
International Amputee Football Federation

International Press Release
ampsoccer.com June 15, 1998 Philadelphia Region Amputee Soccer Clinic Set for June 27, 1998
Philadelphia, PA. Regional Press Release


Bucks County Courier-Times (PA) Nov. 15, 1997 Adapted sports no handicap for amputees

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