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Calabria Goal Video Goes Viral!
Rockets Past 1,700,000 Views

Senior Forward Nico Calabria, #13, scores on a corner for Concord-Carlisle Regional High School in Concord, MA.

Nico was born with one leg. In addition to playing for CCHS, he's also a starting member of the US National Amputee Soccer Team.

Concord, MA - Videos of high school soccer players don't usually go viral on YouTube.

But footage of Nicolai Calabria's recent goal has received a total of more than a million and a half views since it was posted on Sept. 20 - and it's spreading by the minute. The clip also made ESPN's top 10 videos of the week.

The reason? Nicolai Calabria only has one leg. He plays on his high scool varsity soccer team anyway.

And with shots like this his teammates are really happy to have him around.

Nicolai, a high school senior, is also a starting forward on the US National Amputee Soccer Team.

Nico and his amputee teammates are currently working to raise the funds needed to train, to equip themselves and to qualify for the 2014 Amputee Soccer World Cup.


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