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Amputee Football Creator Don Bennett Returns to the Game
Will Present New Award to World Cup High Scorer

Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, USA - Thirty years ago Don Bennett created the game of amputee soccer - by accident. Bennett, living in Seattle at the time, was watching his son play basketball in the back yard.

When his son missed, Bennett, a right leg amputee, raised up on his crutches and kicked the ball back to him.

After several kicks the thought occurred to him: "If we can ski with one leg, why can't we play soccer?

From that beginning in 1980 amputee soccer has grown to become a world-wide sport with its own World Cup tournament. That tournament will be held October 16 - 14 in Crespo, Entre Rios, Argentina.

Bennett, now 80 years of age and recently retired, is getting back into the game he created. His first task will be to present an award of his own design to this year's star player.

The "Golden Foot Award," inspired by the Golden Boot award presented at the World cup for "traditionally configured" players. The full-sized award is a travelling trophy, to be held by the winning player's country until the next world cup.

The award winner will also receive a smaller version to keep.

Don has also been named Amputee Soccer Ambassador-at-Large by the American Amptuee Soccer Asspocation and by the World Amputee Football Federation.

IN additionto akll of his work with amputee soccer, Don was also the first amputee every to scale Washington's Mt. Rainier on crutches.

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