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Sierra Leone Amputee Soccer Star
Forming Teams in Houston

Houston, Texas, USA, 15 January 2010 - A stand-out Star in West African Amputee Soccer, and former Player Representative to the World Amputee Football Federation, Foday Dumbuya is forming new teams in Houston, Texas.

Dumbuya, now 24, lost his leg from gunfire during Sierra Leone's Civil at age 12. He began playing amputee soccer in 2001 after meeting Dee Malcho. Dee a member of the very first amputee soccer team, visited an amputee camp in Sierra leone as part of her church's mission here.

"She said, 'you guys can play soccer on one leg,'" Foday recalled."Then she showed us how to play."

Since he began playing in 2001, Dumbuya, a striker, has also served as his team's captain, a Regional Program Manager, and captain of the Sierra Leone National Team.

Officials in Sierra Leone said Dumbuya is remembered as scoring in every match in which he played.

Now living and working in Houston, he's working with Freedom Orthotics & Prosthetics and others in Houston to find others interested in playing.

To learn more about amputee soccer in the Houston area, contact Foday at

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