The following articles on amputee soccer and amputee athletes have been gathered from both U.S. and international sources.
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Yazicioglu & Williams Out
Cruz & Kiansky Assume WAFF Leadership

FA Cancels Amp Soccer World Championship, Keeps Blind / CP Tournaments

Ademir Cruz, Brazil, New WAFF Leader

Dr. Kamil Yazicioglu, Turkey, and Mr. Steve Williams, England, have abandoned their posts as President and Secretary General of the World Amputee Football Federation.

First Vice Prsident Ademir Cruz de Almeida, Brazil, has become the organization's new President.

Ivan Kiansky, Russia, formerly WAFF 2nd VP, now assumes the office and duties of First Vice President.

The change in leadership came as Yazicioglu essentially disappeared without a trace after his election to office.

A poll of national amputee football leaders showed there have been no communications of any kind from him

Kamil Yazicioglu Out - "Ceased to perform his duties."

since the Congress and Tournament in 2007.

All attempts to contact him have also failed. It is not known at this time if the former WAFF president is well, incapacitated, or has passed on.

According to WAFF statutes, an officer can be replaced if he or she "ceases to perform his duties." So the office of president became vacant.

Steve Williams, England, elected Secretary General in 2007, assumed the presidency even though he was not authorized to do so by Statute. He then cancelled England's commitment to host the 2009 World Cup Tournament and promptly resigned his office.
USA's Hofmann Named
Communications Director

Rio - 30 Jan. - In a continuing realignment of responsibilities within the WAFF, President Ademir Cruz has named Rick Hofmann, USA, interim Director of Communications.

Hofmann has been involved in national and international amputee football since 1998, is himself an amputee, and is a communications professional.

Media inquiries should be directed to

New Hope for the Game

Amputee football leaders on four continents look at the change in WAFF leadership as a sign of good things to come for the rapidly growing sport.

Cruz is a five time amputee football World Cup veteran and a member of three World Championship teams. He also serves as President, Brazilian Amputee Sports Association and is a member of the Brazilian National Commission of Athletes, Ministry of Sport.

Kiansky is an experienced administrator, Secretary General of the Russian Disabled Football Federation and is the organizer of numerous national and international amputee soccer tournaments.

Specifics on the date and location of the World Cup tournament and WAFF Congress will be posted as soon as details become available.

England Cancels 2009 Amp football World Cup

3 Countries Vie to Become New Hosts

London - For the first time in the history of amputee football, a host nation as failed its commitment to host a World Cup Tournament.

In a brief message to amputee football leaders around the world, WAFF Secretary General Steve Williams, an employee of the English FA, said his country would be unable to keep its obligation to host the Amputee Football World Cup Tournament originally scheduled to be held later this year.

Mr. Williams then resigned his office.

Almost immediately Sierra Leone, Russia and Brazil stepped forward offering to host the world competition. WAFF officers will consider the offers and will sanction the new venue in the near future.

English officials made the committment to host the Amputee Football World Cup at the WAFF Congress held in Antalya, Turkey, in November 2007.

It may be noted that while blaming cancellation of the amputee championships on economic conditions, according to the Football Association web site England still plans to host the Blind Football World Championships next year.

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