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Brasil Wins Brotherhood Cup Gold Medal in
4-3 Shootout Win Over Argentina

El Salvador Beats Ghana 2-1 for Bronze

In a rematch of a Day 1 pairing, Brasil, left, met Argentina, right, in the 1st Americas Brotherhood Cup Gold Medal Match.

28 November 2009, Crespo, Argentina - After playing to a 0-0 tie in regulation and in overtime, Brasil defeated host nation Argentina 4-3 in an overtime shoot-out to win the First Americas Brotherhood Cup.

The tournament was hosted at the Union Athletic Club in the City of Crespo of Crespo, Entre Rios Province, Argentina. Crespo hosted the tournament after both the English Football Association (the FA) and the City of Novo Friburgo, Brazil, reneged on their commitments to host the championship tournament this year.

El Salvador Defeated African Champion Ghana 2-1 to Win the Bronze.

Best Players of the Tournament

Top scorer for the tournament was Rogerio Almeida, No. 9, Brasil, who scored 4 goals.

The best goalkeeper was Wagner de Assis, also from Brasil He allowed 3 goals until the Gold Medal shoot-out.

Finally, after voting by coaches and player, Hugo Hereņu, player No. 10 from Argentina, was named the Best Player in the Americas.

Union Club officials said more than 10,000 people attended the tournament.

A Championship amputee soccer tournament is being held this year.

The Union (Athletic) Club and the City of Crespo, Entre Rios, Argentina, is hosting the First Americas Brotherhood Cup for Amputees between November 23 and 26, 2009.

Amputee soccer players from the Union Club in Crespo represented Argentina in the first Brotherhood cup.

Union will present a sharp Argentine squad which will face national teams from Brazil, El Salvador and Ghana as a special guest.

The quality of the tournament is shown by the fact that Ghana is the current African Championship team. Brazil won the Amputee Soccer world Cup in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2005. El Salvador won the World Cup three times in the early days of the sport - in 1987, 1988, 1989 - and is making a bid to rebuild it's national team to world-cup strength.

Argentina, represented by the Union Athletic Club of Crespo, won the South American tournament played in Maringá, Brazil.

The tournament, a true competition of champions, will help support the wide range of sports offered by the Union Club.

Wide impact

The Union Club took the tournament leadership after both the English FA and the City of Novo Friburgo, Brazil, refused to live up to their commitments to host the 2009 championships.

"Crespo and especially the Union Club, gave us what we could not find in other governing institutions and their leaders. In Crespo we find respect, warmth and a willingness to pursue this discipline," said Hugo Hereņu, player the national team.

He also stressed the importance of this competition and the institutional effort to make the tournament happen.

"Everything went came together very quickly, and for that you need good discipline and decision-making. Union faced the challenge, then everyone joined in to make the tournament a reality. "


1st Americas Brotherhood Cup
Crespo, Entre Rios, Argentina
Day 1 - Lunes Ghana
El Salvador
23 Nov 09 Brasil 3  Argentina 1 

Day 2 - Martes Brasil 1 El Salvador0
24 Nov 09 Argentina 3   Ghana 1

Day 3 - Miercoles 9 am Brasil3   Ghana 1
25 Nov 09           11 am Argentina2 El Salvador1

After Regular Tournament Play
El Salvador


Day 3 - Miercoles 8 pm Brasil -
Ranked 1
 1   El Salvador -
Ranked 4
25 Nov 09        9:30 pm Argentina -
Ranked 2
  Ghana -
Ranked 3
Argentina, according Hereņu, is expecting to do very well in this tournament.

"Ghana has a fast-paced style, and both El Salvador and Brazil are ambassadors of skill and good touch. But we have also prepared and trained with discipline and have practiced in quite a number of friendlies this year."

"We have nothing to envy, we are a package that will rise to the occasion, we have skill, pride and enthusiasm that is contagious. Here we also have the home advantage and as the people Crespo support us we can reach the Finals" he said.

Global target

One Argentina's priorities is to host the next edition of the Amputee Soccer World Cup in October 2010. "The Congress of the World Amputee Football (Soccer) Federation (WAFF) will decide on the venue for the 2010 World Cup. I have high hopes for Crespo," Hereņu said.

"I think with the organization of this event, everyone will see that the City is ready and willing to receive the world's best players next year."

The WAFF Congress is set to begin just after the conclusion of the Brotherhood Cup.

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