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2009 World Cup Cancelled
Argentina Bids for 2010

10 Sept. 2009 - For the first time in the history of amputee football a world championship tournament has been cancelled.

The tournament failed because just weeks before the opening of the 2009 Amputee Football World Cup, the city of Novo Friburgo, Brazil, broke its word.

The City that welcomed the Amputee Championship just a few months ago suddenly changed its mind and rejected the amputee sportsmen.

That "change of mind" caused teams around the world to lose thousands of dollars in non-refundable airline tickets, damaged the reputations of national amputee football associations around the world, and worst of all, crushed the hopes of players who dreamed of competing in a world championship tournament.

But honor - a man or an administration keeping its word - evidently isn't much of a concern in Novo Friburgo. The mayor and city administration gave no concern for the hardship they caused. They simply made a conscious decision to break their word.

WAFF President Ademir Cruz de Almedia, tried first to get Novo Friburgo to reconsider, then worked with the Government of Rio in hopes of getting that State to host the tournament. But, Rio said "no", time ran out and the Tournament was cancelled.

The FA Cancelled First

But Novo Friburgo was the second time this year a firm commitment was disregarded. EARLIER this year the English Football Association (the FA) shattered the committment it asked for in 2007.

The FA asked for permission to host the 2009 World Cup at the WAFF Congress two years ago. The WAFF member nations trusted the FA and agreed. A mistake.

After a year-and-a-half stringing the footballers along, the FA suddenly kicked the legs out from under the amputee athletes. The FA canceled its agreement to host the World Cup, canceled funding of English Amputee footballers, and said it would only support blind and CP football.

Immediately after the cancellation announcement the FA's Steve Williams resigned as WAFF Secretary General, triggering the current crisis / chaos .

In a world which apparently no longer acknowledges shame, the FA and the City of Novo Friburgo richly deserve their fair share of it.

Argentina Steps Up

Sr. Hugo Herenu, President of the Argentina Amputee Football Association, has sent a letter to the WAFF leadership formally requesting the privilege of hosting a World Cup Tournament in that country.

The location of the next World Championship will be considered during the upcoming WAFF Congress of Members. Preliminary reports state that form contractual assurances will be required before the Amputee Football World Championships are awarded to any country or city.

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