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ISOD Endorses National
4 v 4 Amp Soccer Tourney

International Sport Organization to Send Representative
Player Registrations for Aug 16 Matches Are Still Open

ISOD, the international governing body for adaptive sports, has endorsed this year's National 4 v 4 Amputee Soccer Tournament, which will be held in New Castle, Delaware. ISOD will be sending a representative to the tournament.

In an e-mail from its world headquarters in Madrid, ISOD President Juan Palau said, "We all see that Soccer for Amputee athletes is developing and growing day by day and this opportunity to gather teams from the USA is a very important one."

The US National 4 v 4 matches are scheduled for grass, but will move indoors in case of inclement weather.

Sr. Palau said Mr. James Frere, of Doncaster, England, ISOD's Sport Development Officer, will represent the organization at the Tournament, to be held in New Castle, Delaware.

US Team Members to Attend

New players attending the tournament will also get to meet members of the US National Amputee Soccer team.

Players from Southern California, Seattle , WA, and from the Philadelphia area will be available to meet with and talk to new players.

Still Time to Register

There's still time for teams and individuals to register to play in Amp Soccer's development and demonstration tournament scheduled for Saturday, August 16, 2003.

The tournament, to be held at the Kirkwood Soccer complex in New Castle, Delaware, will go on rain or shine. Kirkwood Soccer has graciously offered to host the tournament indoors or out, depending on weather.

This year's tournament will be played in the 4 x 4 format - three outfielders and a keeper, with a maximum of two substitutes.

Pre-Registration Required

Players 10-years of age and older - including "mature adults" - and all skill levels are welcome. But pre-registration is required. Please follow the appropriate links in the box at the right.

Established team are welcome, of course. But also recognizing that many who want to play may not yet be affiliated with formal teams, The Association's Dan Broome said that individual players are invited to register, and that they'd be assigned to teams at the tournament.

"We're committed," he said, " to having everyone play who wants to play."

Players who've competed at the international level will be available to meet new players. Photo © Steve Wilber, Seattle, WA

Rules Allow "Able Bodied" Subs

"We want to take this game to everybody's home town. So we made some fundamental rule changes specifically for the 4 v 4 format to make the game more accessible."

So, recognizing there may not be enough players in an area to round out international size teams, Amputee Soccer modified the rules to accommodate smaller amputee communities.

Those modifications allow friends or family members to tend goal (with one arm tucked inside their jersey) if no upper body amputee is available for the position.

A two-legged player may fill in as a field player, "but only," said Broome, "if that individual takes one shoe off and plays on crutches like everyone else. And they're not allowed to put the shoeless foot down while play is on."

For details on game rules, go to 4 v 4 Rules.

The game is co-ed, and play against two-leggeds is welcome.

Outreach Program

Broome said an outreach program is underway to help make the adaptive community aware of the new 4 v 4 program.

He said the program is targeted to including prosthetists and prosthetic companies; rehab hospitals; orthopedic nurses and surgeons; physical, recreational and rehab therapists; and amputee support groups.

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