The following articles on amputee soccer and amputee athletes have been gathered from both U.S. and international sources.
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World Championships Set
for Rio November 5 - 11

The 2001 Amputee Soccer World Championships will be held Nov. 5-11 this year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The tournament is expected to be the showcase for the on-going Battle of the Giants - Brazil v Russia.

These two teams are by far the dominant forces in international amputee soccer in both goals scored in championship play, and fewest goals allowed.

Since the current championship series began in 1998, Russia won one World Championship (1998) while Brazil won the last two - each by a single goal over Russia.

Amputee Soccer - Russia v Brazil Both teams are focusing on the upcoming tournament, sharpening their skills to a razor's edge.

Russia looks to avenge its harsh one-goal losses at the hands of the Brazilians in the each of last two championship matches.

Brazil is under intense pressure to defend its honor on its own field, in a coutry where soccer is the passion, in front of a national broadcast and cable TV audience.

Teams scheduled to play in this year's world championships are Brazil, El Salvador, England, Russia, the United States, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and, for the first time, Argentina.

Updates and team profiles will be posted as they become available.