The following articles on amputee soccer and amputee athletes have been gathered from both U.S. and international sources.
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Amp Team to Challenge Two-Legged Players
in Phila. 3-on-3 Soccer Shoot Out

Yardley, PA - June 18, 1999 -- A team of amputee players has registered to challenge two-legged players in the annual 3-on-3 Soccer Shootout to be held in this Saturday and Sunday, June 19-20,Yardley, Pa.

Two area players represented the US in the 1998 Amputee Soccer World Cup

"There are very few differences between our game and the two-legged game." said team spokesman Rick Hofmann. The only real difference is that we play on crutches. Everything else is pretty much the same as FIFA International rules."

Hofmann said the level of play among "adaptive" sports athletes can be quite intense.

"The athletic inclination, the competitive spirit doesn’t end simply because of a physical inconvenience," he said. "This should be a very entertaining tournament.

Two of the amp soccer athletes playing this weekend have international experience. Pennsylvanians Jim Louden, of Cheltenham, and David Marshall, of Bensalem, represented the United States in last year’s Amputee Soccer World Cup Tournament held in Manchester, England.

To play, to form a local 3-on-3 or International Rules 7-on-7 team, or for more information on the Association itself, please call (302) 683 - 0997, or Contact US.

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