The following articles on amputee soccer and amputee athletes have been gathered from both U.S. and international sources.
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Amputee Soccer: The Greatest One-Legged Game in the World!

Josh Sundquist, left, and 5-time World Cup veteran Dan Broome at a US National 4 x 4 Championship Match.

If you can stand up on a pair of crutches and kick a ball you can play our kind of soccer.

Run on a pair of crutches and kick a ball where you want it to go? Pass, block and defend? You could be a star. Maybe an international star.

Amp soccer gives you the chance to break a hard sweat - like any other athlete. It gives you the opportunity to become part of a team. And gives you the chance to win again.

Amp soccer lets you play for fun, or to get into serious competition. And the game lets you hang out with people just like yourself.

You get to play and hang-out with others just like yourself.

Some players routinely excell in two-legged leagues.

You'll be surprised how good you can get with practice.

Our game is open. You can be male or female, younger or more "mature," of any nationality or background. The only pre-requisite is that you're missing a body part, or have one that doesn't work. Nothing else is important.

But Amp soccer isn't for those who think they're disabled. It's for those who acknowledge the loss, then want to get on with it. We've found thumb suckers don't last long.

From a rehab activity to a global sport

Amputee soccer began as a rehab and strengthening activity in the 1980's. And it still is a great way to start getting back to a more normal life. But those who played it found it was great as a real sport outside the rehab setting. Amp soccer soon spread from a local fields and arenas to become a global sport with its own World Cup.

If you're a younger player

If you're a younger player you have the chance to play the game, and sharpen your skills. Who knows, you could earn a place on the US National Team.

Adult players

"Cowboy" Don Ersland played
at the elite level into his 60's.

As an adult player you can play for the joy of playing, for local competition (and the after the game get-togethers), or you can work for a higher level of competition.

The international game is 6 v 6 + keeper, but there are enough variations in the game to allow local teams to play with as few as 3 v 3 with or without keeper.

If you're military

If you're military you could play against some of the finest amp soldiers in the world.

Our game is international. If you're good enough to qualify you could play against Russian and other Eastern European veterans of Afghanistan, West African combat survivors and even Middle Eastern players.

Get Started

Getting started is easy. Just Contact Us. If there's a team or players in your area, we'll get you connected. If not, we'll help you get a team started.

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