Our Sport

Amputee Soccer was invented in the United States in 1980. The sport is now played in more than 40 countries and presents its own World Cup. The game is played by any mix of male and female amputees on a 3/4 size pitch with seven players to a side. Field players use forearm crutches and may play the ball with only one leg. Keepers defend a 7'x16' goal and may field the ball with only one arm.

Who We Are

The American Amputee Soccer Association (AASA) is the governing body for Amputee Soccer in the United States and is a member of both the World Amputee Football Federation (WAFF) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

Our Mission

The dual mission of the AASA is: To promote and develop the sport of Amputee Soccer in the United States for the benefit of participants with limb differences. Our outreach programs help interested players maximize their proficiency, build self confidence, learn the power of teamwork, all while building a strong social network.

And to select, develop, and train athletes for the United States National Amputee Soccer Team (USNAST) which represents the country in all international competition and to provide financial assistance to cover the costs of travel and match play.

Long term, we're working to have our sport recognized by the International Paralympic Committee and to participate in the Paralympic games.

Our Organization

The AASA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, all volunteer organization managed by a Board of Directors including veteran players and business leaders:
   PresidentRick Hofmann, Wilmington, DE
   Vice PresidentCarl Calabria, Concord, MA
   National Team Head CoachEric Lamberg, Commack, NY
   Board Member at LargeDan Broome, Yorba Linda, CA
   Board Member at LargeIgnacio Medrano, Sun Valley, CA

Outreach Programs

The AASA works with the US military and children's hospitals across the country to conduct clinics and demonstrations helping to build awareness for amputee soccer. Those with limb differences learn about a real sport in which they can express their athleticism, either recreationally or competitively with others like themselves.

Those with the talent and desire are invited to try-out for the professionally coached national team.

There's no substitute for seeing the game played. When a person with a "disability" watches an amputee soccer match, their view of what is possible is forever expanded.

When a "traditionally configured" person watches, they never forget the display of courage, speed, skill, and determination - and the players' refusal to accept perceived limitations.

All enjoy the beautiful game at its most beautiful.

Wounded warriors, accident survivors, and those battling disease or born with differences - all benefit as we expand the sport of amputee soccer and their opportunity to remain or become athletes.


The United States National Amputee Soccer Team (USNAST), an affiliate of the United States Soccer Federation, comprises individuals living across the United States who are very proud to represent the USA in competition. Head Coach, Eric Lamberg, led Team USA to a 12th place finish (highest ever) at the 2016 World Cup; then to a Bronze medal in an Americas International tournament.

The team has now set its sights on a medal round finish in the 2018 World Cup to be held in Mexico this Fall.

Your Support

The AASA is an all volunteer organization entirely funded by donations from individuals, corporations, and institutions. 100% of donations are used to fund our outreach programs and to support our national team.

We thank you in advance for your generous support and invite you to follow Team USA as we reach for the Cup.

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